Richard Hunter

Software Developer




Who am I?

I'm a software developer with a range of skills. Primarily C#, SQL and Entity Framework.

I'm based in Newcastle upon Tyne and have a variety of interests from football to blockchain.

I'm a bit of a dabbler also - always looking to new technology. One week it could be react, the next it could be solidity or whatever else takes my fancy at the time. Mainly however in the big commercial world out there I'm known as a .NET developer working for a company called Onepoint Systems Ltd.

Before Onepoint Systems Ltd - I've had stints at Newcastle College Group and Eldon Insurance Services Ltd although both stints are many many years ago now.

Personal Projects

Solidity Smart Contracts
E-Commerce app written in WebAPI2, C# and Angular (.Net Core 5)
Social event app written in WebAPI2, C# and React (.Net Core 3)


  • Computer Systems Engineering Bsc 2:1
  • Programming in C# 70-483
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