My name is Richard Hunter...

Welcome to my site

Welcome internet lurker

I’ve created this site as it struck me as odd as being in the industry and having my only professional web presence online being on LinkedIn. I’ve created this to keep responsible to myself first and foremost to keep up to date with the latest technologies and also to create some tutorials to help others who want to become software developers. I also just wanted a place to call mine I guess…and in 2019 who doesn’t have a website? I’ve also made it a new rule in 2019, every personal project of mine will go to a GitHub repo at . I’ve always been aware I should have one and just never got round to it. Well dammit I have now!

I’ll soon be setting up a YouTube channel also where the aim is to deliver tutorials to help others but also help me out by solidifying what I already know. The challenge might be losing the geordie accent but I’ll do my best…on second thought I’ll keep it – it is the best accent there is at the end of the day.  Just an update on this – I’ve revived my old one I started from 4 years ago called RichCode where I made one (admittedly awful) video but there’s another on there now which isn’t too bad!