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Software Developer

Starting from an early age, I’ve always had an interest in software development. Picking up my first book at the age of 10 on C++ in a Waterstones shop in Newcastle it was almost like I knew I’d end up doing something like this…and just like every other developer I never finished that book…does anybody?

The path I took to get here was a weird one, initially becoming a Microsoft Certified Desktop technician and taking and passing the Comptia A+ exam in 2008. This gave me enough UCAS points to go off to Newcastle College and complete a foundation degree in Computer Systems Engineering before topping it up to a full 2:1 Bsc degree at the University of Sunderland in 2012.

I would eventually end up working for NCG (Newcastle College) doing T-SQL and SSRS reporting but not before getting my first job as a Graduate Software developer at a car insurance company called Eldon Insurance in 2012 where I did some VB.NET but mostly T-SQL and even some Qlikview.

Now at the age of 29, I have eight years professional experience is the field of Software Development. Initially specialising in T-SQL before moving on to other technologies in the Microsoft stack including but not limited to VB.Net and C#. They are what I call my ‘bread and butter’ programming languages. Right now and for the last three years,  I’ve been working for a company called OnePoint Systems in County Durham making use of C# and VB.NET on a daily basis. I’ve had a chance to learn PL/SQL whilst being there too which is another skill I’d say I’m competent now in as well.

Like anything it is important to move with the times in Software Development and as of late I’ve perhaps been guilty of being complacent in that regard with what some would consider extreme personal life issues late 2017 and all of 2018 and even ongoing now but enough of the violins… right now I’m looking into React.js with Node.js as the backend and I’m very keen on mobile development dabbling in Xamarin forms development in the past. Other mobile tools I am aware of now are Google’s Flutter and Facebook’s React Native. The natural progression for me will be to look at React Native once I’m fully up to speed with React.js. Being a C# guy, I’ll look at Xamarin forms again at some point too.

I’ll have tutorials on all of these once I’m confident and competent using them. This is to solidify my understanding and to help new up and coming developers. You’ll find these in the tutorial section of this website (eventually).

Away from software development I follow Newcastle United and I’ve been a season ticket holder now going on almost half a decade and love going to an away game when the chance arises. I’m into fitness and intermittent fasting right now after ballooning up a bit too much. Cardio and Weights – more so cardio right now but I’ll deadlift, squat, bench and all that macho jazz when I feel like it. Big stand up comedy fan, love a joke… even though I rarely get sarcasm and always assume people are being serious which I’m working on! Surprisingly not into gaming which takes every other developer I’ve worked with in my career by surprise…I just don’t care for it. I’ll play FIFA or UFC now and then but that’s about it. Other than that my PS4 is a very expensive Netflix streaming device. On that note….obligatory check out show you’ll never watch but I’ll recommend it anyway… It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia…. fantastic dark comedy sitcom – great stuff. Finally I like a pint…or ten and you’ll find me at either the Corner House in Heaton or Five Swans in the city centre of Newcastle most weekends.