1) So now I have a folder called ‘Richard’s projects’ on my desktop. We need to open up NodeJS terminal and we’re going to first type cd desktop so we’re at our desktop and then cd *your name’s* react projects*

2) So now in the NodeJs terminal you can see in the picture to the left (or below if you’re on mobile/tablet) we need to type npx create-react-app hello and NodeJs is going to build us our project in *Your names’s* react projects folder.

3) So now type  ‘cd hello’ and then ‘npm start’ and you should see something similar to the image to the left (Or again below if you’re on mobile or tablet) in your browser at http://localhost:3000/

4) So now we need to open up our project in VS Code and we’re going to navigate to a file called app.js, just ignore everything else in there for now. You’ll find it under hello- src-app.js. See the below image.

5) All we’re going to do is change the line where it says ‘Learn React’ to say ‘Hello World’ and if you have your browser open still you’ll see the result instantly (and below) and that concludes this getting started in react tutorial.